Steffen Brinkmann


Born in 1994, Steffen started learning classical piano at the age of 4. His interest in composing and music production grew over time and he got his first credits as a composer on independent films starting in 2010.

After earning his degree in Audiovisual Media from Stuttgart Media University he attended a post-graduate program at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, achieving a diploma in Film Scoring.

In his over 10 years of composing and producing music for media, Steffen has worked on an extensive number of projects from large video games to feature films and stage productions.


  1. Sands of Summers Past - Drama Film Score 0:58
  2. Bunter Hund - Animation Film Score 1:45
  3. Catharsis - Sci-Fi Film Score 1:40
  4. The Lost Emperor - Drama Film Score 1:25
  5. Debt of Honour (Anno 1800) - Orchestral Game Score 2:07
  6. Chocolate Man - Action Film Score 2:01
  7. Underwater Racing (Rush) - Animation Score 1:05
  8. Below They Dwell (Anno 1800) - Hybrid Game Score 2:46

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